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I acknowledge that some of my mash-ups are combinations of the digitised works of others - images highly available off the internet. If there is any 'art' it is in how I see new possibilities in the original poses and spend my time working to achieve that idea. I've tried to acknowledge all sources and originating artists.

I hope you enjoy the results. Thanks to those of you who fav my work. I'm honoured.

P.S. If you notice that I've taken something of *yours* off the Net, please leave a message. I'll gladly acknowledge you as the originator and add a link here to your homepages. Or remove.



  • Listening to: Clous Age Symphony
  • Reading: Facebook.
  • Watching: Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Playing: Railroad Tycoon II (yeah, I know)
  • Eating: Icecream
  • Drinking: Gin and Tonic
ART 2013: KEY-WORD SUMMARY: 'I did stuff'. Some of it I don't show here. It's on Facebook. 'Memes' and shit. Random hasty mashups. Still trying to go viral and get my 15 gigabytes of fame.

I abandoned all hope of ever seeing my stageplay produced. Ditto my short film - although some people in New Zealand now have it, and *Might* yet do it. I wrote *another* book. Steampunk, *again*. Was meant to be a comedy, but it also features my highest body-count to date. 

Oh, and on that note - I finally got a publishing contract for the first 3 in the series. <Tired 'Huzzah'> 
AND 2013 saw the release of my long-awaited next children's book. <Another Tired 'Huzzah'> 
Sadly, all the children who had been waiting for it had since grown up, married, had children/grandchildren, and died.  

COSPLAY. I dragged out my 2012 costume and did a photoshoot. You can see that here (…

AND, working in secret for some 300 hours, I created my vainglorious cosplay swansong "Stempunk Haruhi" - who was meant to light up the world, but didn't. Kind of disappointing. I seriously thought she would. WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH THIS WORLD?! (…

And finally, suddenly, unplannedly, I started doing animations; GIFs. 
I'm enjoying it. 
It's not easy. 
(I never do things that are easy.)

Cheers, & happy bloody merry Seasonal Festive Day to ya all!


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part-time genius
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I was born before TV, before Elvis rolled his pelvis, before Gene Pitney even LEFT Tulsa, before anyone thought of M*A*S*H (but while it was really happening). Louis was still tootled his horn, cars still had running boards and headlights like toads' eyes. All telephones were black and Men still wore Hats. I played in dirt, I teased cows from the trees, I walked to school and I scraped my knees. I fidn't dit, yet damn it I could draw!
A long time later, I came here to hide my secrets.


Perseus and Mikuru meet at the DoomRock Cafe by Lookafar
Perseus and Mikuru meet at the DoomRock Cafe
This is the sort of thing I do to amuse myself, but usually only post on Facebook.
Suddenly I'll see a quirky way to re-imagine or mashup an old classic (See 'The Young Queen Saves Her Empire"). In this case it is "The Rock of Doom" by  Edward Burne-Jones
You can see the original easily enough.

Anyway on impulse I'm posting it here. It might not stay long.
I like it for the WTF quality of the moment. No caption required.

My technique was respectful. I carefully clone-brushed the naked lady (Andromeda, I think she is) so as to retain the artist's original textures and softness, then lassoed sections at a time and solely manipulated the colour and brightness. Thus she ends up seeming to be as Burne-Jones might have painted her if he happened to have been sexually obsessed with Mikuru Asahina instead of Greek goddesses.
Hey-ho, My bad!
The Young Queen Saves Her Empire
I did a single-frame mashup two years ago, "Queen Victoria with Grordbort". Posted it on Facebook. it amused a few of my friends.
Then, like a fool, I thought, "You know, that would be easy to animate ..."

Yeah, right.

Anyway here she is, with Grordbort ray-gun by Weta Workshops, SwampThing from his 1950s movie. the  original painting (Frame 1#) by Richard Westall, 1830.  
Guitar Hero Osaka. FULL Animation
So I had this one simple little idea, and as I *always* do it grew and grew and finally sucked up a hundred hours at least!

Anyway, finished. Yay!

It is based on a K-On! graphic [… that someone then Osaka-fied: […

I also got a bit of help with the original Chiibi because actually I can't draw for nuts! (Not entirely true)

So now I'm thinking of putting a compact version of it onto 'Giphy' - then you can share it thru Facebook if you want.

Will notify.   
Active/Static II
My 2nd attempt at getting this idea 'on paper'. Considerably better! Captures the core-idea of rotate & rewrite.

Entirely my concept (and my hand!). 
Kaorin + Sakaki, Flapper Era by Lookafar
Kaorin + Sakaki, Flapper Era
Here they are, fully dressed and ready for the Cotton Club. 

Another labour of  love; *three* weekends sucked away.
But I'm very pleased with it, all up. A change from the usual yuri erotic intimacy one tends to see.

Characters & faces, by Kiyohiko Azuma. Feathers - photograph; Hat - photograph (That is my hat!).
Poses - I used references.
Clothes and jewelry - all done by my 'umble self. [Also it is my 1st ever attempt at 'fashion design'.]

OH! - and I owe a something to for a great deal of inspiration and a single particular detail of Flapper-skirt design. She'll spot what I mean. AND - get over there right now and look at her work it is AWESOME!!! 

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