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I acknowledge that some of my mash-ups are combinations of the digitised works of others - images highly available off the internet. If there is any 'art' it is in how I see new possibilities in the original poses and spend my time working to achieve that idea. I've tried to acknowledge all sources and originating artists.

I hope you enjoy the results. Thanks to those of you who fav my work. I'm honoured.

P.S. If you notice that I've taken something of *yours* off the Net, please leave a message. I'll gladly acknowledge you as the originator and add a link here to your homepages. Or remove.




Queen Minamo by Lookafar
Queen Minamo
Queen Minamo bravely pushes on, but there is tragedy inside. "Love letter, Love letter!" sang Yukari, and we know (after a certain drunken late-night revelation) that Kurosawa-sensei is now an advocate of living alone.

Will we ever find out what happened?

This marks the Final Female card done! Yay!
Queen Yukari by Lookafar
Queen Yukari
Her full title is 'Queen Yukari; She Who Causes All to Tremble' but it looked a bit clunky.

Once again a delicious challenge in melding the two images into some sort of symmetry.
A plain background this time, because ... well we all need to focus on staying alive, don't we? 
Kimiko by14-bis . Coloured by Lookafar
Kimiko by14-bis . Coloured
By the good graces of I once again had the challenging pleasure of colouring one of his recent works. (Oh & get over there. He is awesome!!)

ORIGINAL HERE: Kimiko sketch by 14-bis

[it needs to be said that I had difficulty interpreting some lines in her ... 'private region'. Were they fabric creases, or 'other'? All was obscured by her wrists. I confess I tinkered in order to get her <cough> 'anatomy' looking right.]

[I was also maddened by her leg-straps. 14-bis added an additional horizontal that is not on the original character - lines that were probably intended to be that ballet-shoe-tie-pattern. Thus the diagonals should correctly pass behind the ankle and connect with the shoe. BUT NOTICE: I DID NOT ALTER THEM! <twitch, twitch>]
Kagura Jack by Lookafar
Kagura Jack
And this completes the Jack sequence (Notice I'm now assigning suits).

Kagura-san has several attributes to choose from, but I went with the scene where she cried. (A healthy moment of self-realisation!) But it kind of mutated into a winter scene, Kagura Alone.

What is she crying about? - I don't know. (Maybe she's missing all of you leering at her bikini.) 

Source image: colour plates in the Omnibus edition. I scanned my own copy.
By Kiyohiko Azuma, for sure!
Chiyo Jack (001% Version) by Lookafar
Chiyo Jack (001% Version)
And now to the 'Derp-side' of our beloved Chiyo-chan.

It was hard to get a sense of the impact. I tried various 'pain-splashes' but nothing looked right. So i went with simple.

[Chiyo Mihana by Kiyohiko Azuma, in Azumanga Daioh.]
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Holy crap did I get a lot done this year, and what you see here on DA is what I did my private hours. (Won't bore you with all the house-renovation shit - that's in the 'real world'.)

2015 and I put up 25 deviations starting with 'Osaka Selfie':
Osaka Selfie by Lookafar
... thus finishing that series of 5. VERY SATISFIED! Great little animations paying homage to Kiyohiko Azuma and to my fave character "Osaka-san" Ayumu Kasuga. Go watch them if you haven't already.

That kind of set the year's theme: GIF Animations & Homage, but with unplanned lurches into whatever the heck I wanted to pursue: an Escher/XJ-9 mashup, a Panty/Lisa mash-up, throwing 6 girls into a pool wearing (almost) nothing but knee-highs, and 'making love' to Stacey Hirano and Velma Dinkley, who's been looking rather pale.

Three HUGE time-sucking animations, the best of them being this:
Yotsuba and Flowers by Lookafar
and rounding out the year with Kaorin Aida's butt. (see what I did there?)

I'm looking ahead to doing more of the Azumanga playing-card series, and finally building a light-box so I can actually get *DRAWING* - LIKE FOR REAL! & doing my first animation the old-fashioned way. Thanks for all the 'likes'!!


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I was born before TV, before Elvis rolled his pelvis, before Gene Pitney even LEFT Tulsa, before anyone thought of M*A*S*H (but while it was really happening). Louis was still tootled his horn, cars still had running boards and headlights like toads' eyes. All telephones were black and Men still wore Hats. I played in dirt, I teased cows from the trees, I walked to school and I scraped my knees. I fidn't dit, yet damn it I could draw!
A long time later, I came here to hide my secrets.


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yw XD
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hello i was wondering if you plan to put powerpuff girls z and panty and stocking underwater?:)
Lookafar Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Was meaning to tell you that your reference to Panty and Stocking set me off in a very different direction.

It's up now, called "Lisa gets her Panty on".
Not quite what  you were wanting, but I want to acknowledge the nudge you gave me.
COMPUTERMANMIK428 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2015
sorry it didn't settle well with you.
Lookafar Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
<sigh> This could turn into an *industry*!

I'm sorry, no. No plans as such. I've three more to do in this Azumanga series, then get back to more pressing projects.

how about finding an artist who already loves those characters and asking him/her?
COMPUTERMANMIK428 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015
wait let me correct myself i guess i'm alittle sleepy. your just answering my question:) thanks and o.k :XD:
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