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I acknowledge that some of my mash-ups are combinations of the digitised works of others - images highly available off the internet. If there is any 'art' it is in how I see new possibilities in the original poses and spend my time working to achieve that idea. I've tried to acknowledge all sources and originating artists.

I hope you enjoy the results. Thanks to those of you who fav my work. I'm honoured.

P.S. If you notice that I've taken something of *yours* off the Net, please leave a message. I'll gladly acknowledge you as the originator and add a link here to your homepages. Or remove.




Joko Tomo! by Lookafar
Joko Tomo!
Tomo's turn. Now what card would she represent? Ooooo, that's a tough one ....

In keeping with the style of playing cards, the Joker is a single figure. No top/bottom symmetry. 
Also, I allowed Tomo to completely break the frame. Although the others had a bit of head-room, Tomo busts through on three sides, and looks like she is totally going to fly right out at any moment. 

As to the swimsuit ... Well, it just came to me like a watermelon to the brain. (Or a watermelon *for* a brain.)
I totally love it. (It took ages!)

[Original image: screen cap from the anime of Azumanga Daioh, by Kiyohiko Azuma]
Queen Koyomi by Lookafar
Queen Koyomi
Koyomi Mizyhara: *definitely* a Queen character!

The idea started like the others. I wanted her holding the chopsticks, but as the two hands came close together I could not get a perfect mirrored-symmetry cross-over. (Maybe Escher could!)

So she grew to full-figure. Two of her! Excellent - this gave me the chance to show of her knee-highs and thunder-thighs. Oh yeah, baby!
Osaka Autumn
Prompted by, I created a 2nd version of "Osaka Leaf". (The original concept was a little light on drama, I'll admit!)

Thank you, firstking37!

Character and original image - Kiyohiko Azuma.
Osaka Selfie
Finally,the 5th and final GIF in this series. It just ... didn't gel. 
And I was constantly "Keep It Simple, Keep It Simple." So I did. Nine frames!!!

My dearest Osaka, trying out her new phone. How adorable

Original character and sketch by Kiyohiko Azuma. 
Osaka Snow
So after 'Knife Meme', I thought "Time to do a nice simple idea. Osaka - trying to catch snowdrops. Yeah - EASY!"

Holy farg but this took ages! Because - FALLING SNOW. Constantly changing background. Side winds. Multiple layers.
And then I decided she needed new expressions, hair motion ... etc ... etc ...

But I'm pleased with the result. This project *really* stretched my ingenuity. 

ORIGINAL SKETCH by Kiyohiko Azuma. Total respect intended. 
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2014 rather sucked, actually. But I didn't know what was in store for me on Jan 10th when I put up my first deviation for the year: "Vanellope Von Jamesdean" Vanellope Von Jamesdean by Lookafar - a very typical mash-up, and one that I'm very proud of. (The mashuppery, since the original images are not mine.) Fave detail: the reflection in the wet road.

Since then: TWENTY-EIGHT DEVIATIONS! Some being really quick and dirty (borrowed images (always acknowledged) mashed-up or modded.) But significantly a lot of Gif animations - THIRTEEN OF THEM. They DID take a lot of time, and strained my creativity to the max. 

My personal fave: Coffee Tron: Coffee-Tron! by Lookafar - Original Character design (effectively my first), and a load of complex drawing (mostly from scratch) and tinkering to get her to run. Fave detail: the reflection in the shiny counter-top.

Two big series started (and none of them yet finished). And the usual random 'ah-hah' moments.

As to the rest of 2014 - as mentioned it sucked. I became frightfully sick for three months (to the pneumonia-stage), and two valuable people died, 5 weeks apart. Many other painful loses, too. I just haven't cried enough.
I guess Deviant Art is my safe haven, and my 'release'.

Currently my "Osaka Go!" animations have been fun. More story-telling, with a dash of comedy. Hope you're enjoying them.

Thanks for the watches, and all the faves.  Means a lot to me!

Cheers, & happy bloody merry Seasonal Festive Day to ya all!


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I was born before TV, before Elvis rolled his pelvis, before Gene Pitney even LEFT Tulsa, before anyone thought of M*A*S*H (but while it was really happening). Louis was still tootled his horn, cars still had running boards and headlights like toads' eyes. All telephones were black and Men still wore Hats. I played in dirt, I teased cows from the trees, I walked to school and I scraped my knees. I fidn't dit, yet damn it I could draw!
A long time later, I came here to hide my secrets.

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